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WA-10 Benchtop Water Activity Meter

WA-10 Benchtop Water Activity Meter

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WA-10: without printer

WA-10P: with printer


Water activity meter is widely used in various production and test processes of medicine, food (food additives, dehydrated vegetables, meat processing, noodles, flour, air dried beef, dried fruits, etc.), enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc., and in the baking food (bread Cakes, biscuits, mooncakes, breads, etc.). And so on.


1. High precision and stable sensor made in USA.
2. 7" touch colorful screen, can set backlight brightness, realize human-computer interface.
3. Simple operation, easy to use.
4. Real time printout function and curve drawing function.
5. It can be more convenient for data recording and collection, and can be used for later data comparison and analysis.


1. Sensor made in USA.
2. Resolution: 0.001AW
3. Measuring range: 0.010~0.990AW
4. Accuracy: temperature: ±0.3℃; water activity (aw): ±0.014 @25℃
5. Measurement time: 10~15 minutes
6. Measurement channel: single channel (multi channel also available).
7. Display: 7-inch touch screen 800 × 480 dots
8. Calibration method: automatic calibration (correction value compensation) standard saturated NaCl solution
9. Operation mode: touch
10. Display speed: real time display of detection curve
11. Sample dish capacity: 20ml
12. Temperature display: 0~50℃
13. Output mode: micro printer
14. Data interface: RS232
15. Working environment: temperature 0~50℃; Humidity: 0~95% RH
16. Power consumption: 20W
17. Power supply voltage: AC 220/110V
18. Dimension: 300 x 260 x 150mm

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