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AMF113 CO2 Temp. RH Data Logger


AMF113 CO2 Temp. RH Data Logger



1. High sensitivity, rapid detection, real-time understanding of the degree of air pollution in the environment, to protect your family  health.

2. Color large LCD screen, stylish atmosphere, monitoring results at a glance.

3. 1000mA large capacity lithium battery,  the battery is long endurance, can be repeated charging, cost savings.

4. Key function is differential display, easy to operate.

5. 12700 data logging memory.



Fashion design, intuitive data  to remind the user through striking color. A testing device with multi-funtions be used in measuring carbon dioxide/formaldehyde concentration, temperature, humidity. Applied to industrial production, hotels, shopping malls, Office conference room, library, warehouse, Places such as hospitals, environmental quality monitoring.



1. CO2 Measure Range: 0~9999PPM

2. Accuracy: ±70ppm ± 3% readings (0~5000)

3. Resolution: 1PPM

4. Temperature test range: -10~70°C (14-158°F) 

5. Resolution: 0.1°C/°F

6. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3°C (10~55°C)

7. Humidity test range: 0%RH~99.9%RH, Resolution: 0.1%RH

8. Accuracy: ±3% (10~90%)

9. Record storage: 12700 

10. Respone time: 1 second 

11. Record mode: manual and immediate measurement 

12. Size: 107*107*58.2mm

13. Package Size: 145*145*69mm

14. Power supply: 3.7V lithium battery

15. Adapter Input:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4A; Adapter Output: 1000mA


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