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UVV405 UV Light Meter


UVV405 UV Light Meter


Spectrum range of the detector: 360nm to 460nm (Peak wavelength is 405nm, transmittance above 50%: 382 nm to 428 nm)


1. Display: 3 3/4 digit LCD display, the maximum reading is 3999.

2. Measuring range: 0~400mW/cm2, four gears measurement; 400μW, 4000μW, 40mW, 400mW (1000μW/cm2 = 1mW/cm2)

3. Detector wavelength range: 360nm~460nm

4. The spectrum of the detector: peak value 405nm, transmission above 50%: 382nm to 428nm.

5. Accuracy: ±8%, the stray light outside the band is less than 0.1%

6. Calibrate under UVV light source and compare with standard UVV radiometer

7. The RF field strength under special test environment is less than 3V/m, and the frequency is less than 30MHz

6. Detector structure: UV enhanced photodiode and UVV band filter correction mirror

7. Sampling rate: 2 times /s

8. Overload display: display ‘OL’

9. Weight: 320g (including battery)

10. Operating temperature and humidity: 0 to 40°C (32 ~ 104°F), 0~ 80% RH

11. Power supply: DC 9V 6F22 battery

12. Power consumption: DC about 2.7 mA

13. Size: meter body 160x78x43mm, detector 165x50x32mm


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