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Water Activity Meter WA-60A


Water Activity Meter WA-60A


Order No.: WA-60A: standard packing

                   WA-60AS: with software + cable

                   WA-60AB: with bluetooth + software


1. This is a real portable water activity meter, with a weight of only 100 grams, lighter than a mobile phone, and a precision of 0.02 aw, easy to measure water activity  anytime and anywhere.

2. Sensors and readings are integrated.

3. Fast test, measurement of water activity in 5 minutes.

4. Easy reading, water activity and temperature of the samples displayed together.

5. It has automatic shutdown, manual shutdown function and undervoltage alarm indication function.

6. Use USB data output to connect with PC.

7. Provide Bluetooth data output choice.



1. Display: 6 bit backlight LCD digital display (3 bit humidity aw, 3 bit temperature display)

2. Range: 0~1.0aw

3. Resolution: ±0.01aw

4. Accuracy: ±0.02aw

5. Sensor: Non conductive humidity sensor

6. Sampling Time: 5 Minutes

7. Operation Conditions: Temperature: 0~50ºC; Humidity: <95%RH

8. Power Supply: 2x1.5V AAA Size (UM-4) Battery

9. Dimensions: 135x70x44mm

10. Weight: (Not Including Batteries): 100g

11. Standard Accessories: Main Unit; Sample Plate;  Carrying Case; Manual

12. Optional Accessories: USB Data Cable with Software; Bluetooth Data Adapter with Software


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